How to Make the Ideal Screwdriver Rack

This Easy-to-Use Rack Keeps Screwdrivers Perfectly Organized and Within Reach

Screwdrivers are the most used hand tools in the shop. This rack keeps the insight and close-at-hand.

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Screwdrivers laying out on board
Step 1

Layout screwdriver locations on board

Drawing a hole with a pencil on piece of wood
Step 2

Locate and mark center points for boring

Man boring iwth a forstner bit
Step 3

Bore screwdriver handle nesting holes

Hole boring completed
Step 4

Bore smaller diameter holes to accommodate screwdriver shafts

Cutting slots with a tablesaw
Step 5

Cut out material between holes and edge of board

Attaching Top Mounting to Strip
Step 6

Attach rack to mounting rail

Man using screwdriver to mount a tool board
Step 7

Mount rack on tool board

Screwdriver rack on tool board
Step 8

Finished rack

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